A Typical Day

Children will experience a variety of key learning times during their school day, which may include:

CIRCLE TIME:   Children meet with their classmates and are encouraged to participate in singing, movement exploration, story-telling, flannel board, etc. activities and working together as a large group. Teachers spend time helping each child transition into the classroom, teaching age-appropriate concepts and getting the children ready for free choice time.

FREE CHOICE:  Children select from many indoor activities which may include: blocks dramatic play, art, books, sensory table play, manipulatives (puzzles, counting, patterning, sorting, etc.) science center, writing center, or special teacher planned activities such as cooking projects.  Teacher and assistant are available to assist in the various areas in order to facilitate learning or merely supervise and observe.  During Free Choice, the children are welcome in all classrooms and will interact with other classes and teachers.  Assistants take children to the bathroom as needed and children are encouraged to prep/eat the snack that is available.

OUTSIDE TIME:  Children are encouraged to dress themselves and select from the many outdoor activities set up in the play yard.  Extended time is allowed for the many available large motor activities and children are guided through problem-solving strategies during their time in the “Outdoor Classroom”.

LUNCH: We offer a longer day with lunch for our older students to help prepare them for elementary school.  While at lunch, students learn to open their containers on their own, are encouraged to eat their healthy food first, balance socializing and eating, and clean up for themselves.

SMALL GROUP LEARNING:  Children meet in small groups to participate in a teacher-led activity.

DEPARTURE:  Children assist in putting toys away.  The group gathers at the circle time area to sign closing songs and say good-byes.  Parents pick up children and sign them out as they leave.


Young Threes and Fours

9:00-9:15          Circle Time
9:15-11:00        Free Choice/ Clean up
11:00-11:50     Outside Time
12:00                Closing Circle/ Departure
12:00-1:00       Optional Lunch Program

Jr. K and Pre K

9:00-9:15         Circle Time
9:15-11:00       Free Choice/ Clean up
11:00-11:55     Outside Time
12:00-12:30     Lunch
12:30-1:30       Small Group Learning/Closing Circle
1:30-2:00         Free Play and Pick Up