Do I have to be a church member for my children to go to the preschool?

No. SPP accepts children attending any church or even if they don’t attend a church! About half of the SPP families attend our preschool because of the religious component, the other half because of our loving staff and developmental philosophy. But if your family is a member of Saratoga Presbyterian Church, you get to be a part of Priority Registration at Saratoga Presbyterian Preschool and register BEFORE new families do!
What ages does the preschool support?

Three to five year old children. Children must turn three years old during the enrolling year and be fully potty trained to attend in the fall. Saratoga Presbyterian Preschool offers a 2 and 3 day Three Year Old Program, 3 and 4 day Four Year Old/PreK Program, and a 4 day Junior Kindergarten Program. Our Jr K program is for five year olds or turn 5 by next January but whose parents are giving them the gift of another year of preschool. This is like a private Transitional Kindergarten which we have offered for 20 years!

Do I have to work at the preschool?

Saratoga Presbyterian Preschool does not require parent participation in the classroom, but does ask parents for a minimum amount of help. Parents provide snack for the class about once a month and help with cooking projects with the class one to three times a year. Parents also provide transportation for occassional classroom field trips. Additional parent help is voluntary and we encourage parents, if they would like, to participate in classroom and school-wide projects that support the school such as mission projects, book orders, planning outside social events for the class, and helping the teacher with classroom celebrations.