Preschool Program

Saratoga Presbyterian Preschoolwas founded in 1992 by the members of Saratoga Presbyterian Church who recognized the need for quality childcare in the community. Our program is open to all young children, regardless of race, nationality or creed, who are three years old in December and toilet trained. We offer a developmental based program that integrates basic Christian teachings and values into the curriculum.

photo_outside1It is our belief that play is the most important avenue to learning because it actively involves the child in the learning process and enables the child to experience concepts first hand. The programs at Saratoga Presbyterian Preschool provide structured and unstructured times for the children to explore their world in a manner that’s safe and comfortable. Throughout the day the children are offered opportunities to interact socially with eers their own age as well as make individual choices to participate in a variety of “hands on” activities.
Areas for Exploration

“Process” not “product is encouraged through creative expression with such media as crayons, recycled materials, clay and paint.

During this teacher-directed time, stories, finger play, singing and sharing introduce children to the joys of language, literature, and group participation.

Self-expression and exploration with play clothes, hats, household items, and dolls help children understand themselves, families, and communities. Some themes include post office, store, hospital, and office.

Small motor skills and cognitive concepts are learned and reinforced by “playing” with blocks, puzzles, and objects to be sorted, classified, matched, and measured.

Using instruments of all kinds records, tapes, or CD’s, children experience movement and rhythm and gain confidence in their growing physical skills. A weekly Movement and Music teacher focuses on specific areas of growth such as locomotion skills, body awareness, balancing, moving in sequence and rhythms.

Children explore the world with their five senses and add to their knowledge base by observing and participating in cooking activities, experiments, pet and plant care, science displays, nature walks and discovery activities at group time or at the science center.

Always available for individual and group use.
Good nutrition, spreading and pouring, sense of accomplishment and awareness of personal tastes are just some of the concepts learned by preparing and enjoying daily snacks. Snacks are brought from home to share with classmates in order to bridge home and school or prepared in class on cooking days. This also helps each child develop a sense of pride in themselves and their family while learning about new foods.

The children hear stories and participate in activities designed to show the God’s love for them, as well as teach them basic Christian values. Children attend Chapel once a month and pray before snack.

Climbing, balancing, sliding, crawling, running, chasing, skipping, riding, bikes, tossing balls, are just some of the things the children may choose to do outside.

Bubbles, flour, water, corn meal, beans, ice, and a sandbox filled with various utensils are all available throughout the year.

Easel painting, large murals and a supervised wood working bench with real tools are available to those who enjoy this kind of expression.

Our garden box is a great way to see nature at work. Children plant, weed, water, and harvest. They also have many opportunities to investigate insects, trees, and the wonders of God’s world as the seasons change.