A Typical Day

Saratoga Kirk House Preschool is committed to providing a safe preschool program that fosters compassion, fun and learning.

Safetywe have adopted strict health checks, outdoor drop off and pick up, increased cleaning and disinfecting, use of masks and physical distancing, and spending most of the day outdoors. These are key elements that CDC recommend to keep the learning environment as safe as possible.

Learning and Growth– Our spacious outdoor area has become a rich, hands-on learning environment where centers from inside the classroom come outdoors.  Learning outside for a large portion of the day expands access to in-person instruction and provide more opportunities for social distancing, fresh air, better ventilation, and the health benefits associated with increased access to nature.

Daily Schedule      

TimeThrees and Young FoursPreK/Jr K
9:00-10:15Free ChoiceFree Choice
10:15-10:30Clean Up, Bathroom/HandwashClean Up, Bathroom/Handwash
10:30-10:45Circle TimeCircle Time
11:00-11:45Playground/Large MotorPlayground/Large Motor
11:45-12:00Goodbye Circle/HomeBathroom/Handwash
12:00-12:30Optional LunchLunch
12:30-1:00Free ChoiceSmall Group Learning

Free Choice: Teachers set up the ever-evolving, large outdoor classroom so children feel they belong and can explore with friends. Children can tinker, explore, build, create, design, and pretend with a variety of learning materials.  The students explore art, dough/clay, writing, themed dress up, sensory/light table, science, building, and other learning materials at tables and centers.  Soft, padded, cozy areas are provided to promote reading, imagination play, and social interaction. Free Choice Time is when both classes function together in a multi-aged learning environment.

Clean up and Bathroom/Handwashing:  after cleaning up the classroom, there is a scheduled and supervised trip to the bathroom for toileting and handwashing.

Circle Time: teacher led time where children participate in music, movement, story-time, calendar, learning games, and cooperation.

Snack:  a supervised and socially distanced snack time outdoors.  Children clean hands before and after snack/lunch.

Playground/Large Motor: Opportunities for large motor fun in our huge play yard include exploring on/with:  our playground structure, tricycles, sand and water, sensory table, balls and sports equipment, obstacle courses, house, trucks, and building materials.

Goodbye Circle and Home OR Lunch Program:  Threes and Young Fours meet for a story and music before some friends go home at noon. Children who sign up for our optional lunch program can stay until 1:00.

Lunch/Small Group Learning:  All the students in the PreK/Jr K stay for lunch and then break into small groups for writing, letter sound, motor, STEM, or other learning activity.