A Typical Day

SKP is committed to providing a safe preschool program that fosters compassion, fun and learning.


SKP has adopted strict health checks, valet drop off and pick up procedures, small stable classroom cohorts, increased cleaning and disinfecting, use of masks and physical distancing, and spending at least ⅔ of the day outside. These are all necessary procedures outlined by the CDC that make our preschool as safe as possible.

Learning and Growth

SKP provides a nurturing environment so that children feel they belong and can explore with friends. Our spacious outdoor “playground” has become a rich, hands-on learning environment where centers from inside the classroom come outdoors.  Learning outside for a large portion of the day expands access to in-person instruction and provide more opportunities for social distancing, fresh air, better ventilation, and the health benefits associated with increased access to nature.

Daily Schedule

Children begin the first 40-60 minutes inside the classrooms in their “forts, small play places made with fun furniture to create a space they can call their own. The children will play with similar learning materials and be able to interact with each other while naturally staying 6 feet apart.  Each child will be equipped with their own tool box full of their own school supplies as well as their own playdough, sensory tray and tools.  Art projects will be offered for 2 socially distanced children at a time.

Our play yard into two hands-on learning spaces to continue providing a nurturing environment for two separate groups of children. Each outside area includes:

Outdoor Village:  This is where children’s forts are made with tables, padding, and clear vinyl so kids can play and learn side by side safely.  This is where the class will have their outdoor circle with their teacher and where each child will keep their school supply “tool box” (with their own markers, scissors, playdough, clipboard, etc.) so they can continue learning and playing with their friends. 

Picnic tables: This is where children can tinker, explore, build, and create with learning materials across from or next to a distanced friend. Other cozy areas are provided to promote safe distance imagination play.

Book Nook:  A shady place where children can sit in a comfy socially distanced rocker chair and enjoy reading in the fresh air.

Sensory play areas:  Each child will have easy access to a personalized sensory tray to explore according to their curiosity and interest.

Snack: Designated areas for children to come to a supervised and socially distanced snack time.

Large motor play: opportunities are accessible on the play structure, tricycles, sand and water play, climbing, and swing.

Children will return to their classrooms for the last 10-15 minutes to put away their materials and be dismissed to go home.

It is SKP’s top priority to find creative ways to implement an enriched learning environment that is as safe as possible and provides fun kid spaces that are social distanced by their physical set up.