A Typical Day

Kirk House Preschool has opened for in-person learning classes from 9:00-12:00, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a 3-day a week class. KHP will use Tuesdays, Thursdays, and our afternoon hours to clean and disinfect the learning environment in order to help keep KHP children, families, and staff safe. We plan to offer Lunch Bunch and additional days when we believe it is safe.

KHP is committed to providing a quality program that is safe, educational, child-friendly and fun! We have adopted new COVID-19 procedures for the safety of the whole school community, while meeting children’s developmental needs for socialization and play.

We are offering two classes, and each class will have 2 adults and up to 12 children. These groups will be mixed age and will be a stable cohort with the same dedicated teachers and children, to the fullest extent possible. Each cohort will have separate classrooms, arrival and departure times, bathroom use, outdoor playground spaces, and will not co-mingle with the other.

About two-thirds of the day will be spent outside, weather permitting. The physical set up of the classroom and playground will allow for children to socially distance naturally. Adults will always wear masks and children will be encouraged to wear them as much as they can.

Children will be dropped off and picked up outside the school. Parents and other visitors are not allowed inside the school buildings at this time.

Extra hygiene measures and procedures will include thorough handwashing throughout the day, increased cleaning and disinfecting, and increased ventilation.

Learning materials that aren’t easily disinfected have been removed from the classroom, and children will be given their own toolbox with items such as markers, scissors and sensory materials so these items aren’t shared.

A strict health policy for families, children and staff will be enforced, including temperature taking, health-screening form, and exclusion due to illness.