A Typical Day

Kirk House Preschool is open for in-person classes. There is a MWF 4’s class and a TTH 3’s class from 9AM-12PM. A limited number of 4’s may attend five days a week. An optional “Lunch Bunch” program extends the day until 2PM for the MWF children and until 1PM for the TTH children.

KHP is committed to providing a quality program that is safe, educational, child-friendly and fun! We have adopted COVID-19 procedures for the safety of the whole school community, while meeting children’s developmental needs for socialization and play.

Each class will have 4 teachers and 24 students.

Staff and students will wear face masks except when eating.

Children will be dropped off and picked up outside of the school buildings. Parents and other visitors are not allowed inside the school buildings at this time.

Extra hygiene measures and procedures will include thorough handwashing throughout the day, increased cleaning and disinfecting, and increased ventilation.

A strict health policy for families, children and staff will be enforced, including temperature taking, health-screening form, and exclusion due to illness.