How do I start the process for attending Kirk House Preschool?
We encourage families to read through the information found online at www.kirkhousepreschool.org or pick up a brochure from the school.  There is an application form which needs to be filled out.  A fee of $50.00 is needed to have your child’s name added to our pre-registration list.  We start the enrollment process around February for the coming summer and fall school year.  Names for enrollment are taken from the pre-registration list.  We encourage families to come by for a tour. Please call the school office to arrange a tour (650.323.8667).

How early do I need to get on the pre-registration list?
Kirk House usually fills their enrollment places by April/May, so it is important for everyone interested in our school to fill out an application form before we start the process.  The earlier you place your child’s name on the list, the better your chances are of having your child attend Kirk House Preschool.  Those looking for schools in the spring for the next school year do not always get in.

Do I need to attend Menlo Church in order to have my child accepted to Kirk House Preschool?  
Menlo Church members and regular attendees have priority for 50% of the spaces in the school.  The remaining spaces are available for community members.  If you are not a member, it would be important to get on our pre-registration list early.

What if we are not Christians?  Can my child still attend Kirk House Preschool?
Your family does not have to be Christian, but we are a Christian school. Your child will attend a weekly chapel time, where he/she will hear a Bible story and sing Christian songs.  At snack time, they will say grace and be given the opportunity to learn a Bible verse.  All of the teachers at Kirk House Preschool are Christian.  However, not all attend Menlo Church.

Does my child have to be potty trained?
No, but we do not potty train children.  The child would need to come in diapers or pull-ups.  We will check/ask the children at 10:30.  If needed, we will change the diaper or pull-up and encourage children to use the bathroom.  We ask new families to take their child to the bathroom and wash his/her hands when they first come into Kirk House.  This usually eliminates accidents and helps the child build good habits around the use of the toilet and hand washing.

What if my child turns 3 after September 1st?
Your child would be eligible for the following year and could start in the summer of that year.  We follow the California School District date for starting school, and that date is September 1st.  Our school is designed to be a two-year program to prepare the children for Kindergarten.