The purpose of Kirk House Preschool is to provide young children with a positive school experience in a warm and supportive Christian environment.  It is our belief that play is the most important avenue to learning because it actively involves the child in the learning process and enables the child to experience concepts first hand.  We stimulate the child’s innate desire to learn by providing age appropriate “hands on” experiences for the development of the whole child: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual.  By providing a large variety of well-rounded learning opportunities in an environment in which the child feels safe and secure to investigate without criticism, the child will make steps in fulfilling his or her own potential. We keep our staff to child ratio at 1 adult to 6 students, so children will get a response when they seek comfort, information, or assistance. Quick responses from adults makes children feel respected and valued.

The development of self-confidence and self-esteem are essential to the well-being of all children. Therefore, the programs at Kirk House Preschool are designed to strengthen and reinforce the child’s feelings of success through risk taking, exploration, and creating and experiencing challenges. We recognize that each child learns at their own pace in their own way and we want them to accept others’ similarities and differences and that practice and repetition leads to the mastery of skills needed for school success.

Parents and school staff work hand in hand to provide the optimum learning experience for the child—one where children work, play, grow and learn in an atmosphere of love, patience, and mutual respect.  Parent participation and education are vital components to the well-being of the family, and the church and preschool staff are eager to support parents in this pursuit.

Engaging Hands Hearts and Minds!