Why do you have a 1 adult to 6 children ratio?
Each child is unique, with an individual learning style and timing of growth.  The teacher and assistant develop a quality relationship with each child so the child feels safe to explore and discover.  This loving relationship is the key component for each child to be able to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and spiritually each day.

Do I have to be a church member for my children to go to the preschool?
No. We accept children whether their family attends church or not. About half of our families attend our preschool because of the religious component, the other half because of our loving staff and developmental philosophy. But if your family is a member of any Menlo Church campus, you get to be a part of Priority Registration at Saratoga Kirk House and register BEFORE new families do!

What is a Junior Kindergarten?
For over 20 years Saratoga Kirk House Preschool has offered a Junior Kindergarten Program for five-year-olds or those turning 5 in the fall, giving children the benefit of an additional year before entering Kindergarten.  It is similar to what school districts call Transitional Kindergarten, but we provide children a more loving environment and a more individualized learning program due to our 1 adult to 6 children ratio.

Do I have to work at the preschool?
Saratoga Kirk House does not require parent participation in the classroom but does ask parents for a minimum amount of help. Parents provide snacks for the class about once a month and occasionally help with cooking projects. Parents also provide transportation for occasional classroom field trips. Additional parent help is voluntary and we encourage parents who want to participate to help support our learning environment.

How long has the preschool been serving children and their families?
Our preschool was founded in 1992 by church members who recognized the need for quality and affordable child care in the community.  In September 2016, Saratoga Presbyterian Church merged with Menlo Church to become Menlo Church-Saratoga. At the same time, Saratoga Presbyterian Preschool (SPP) became Saratoga Kirk House Preschool (SKP), sister to Kirk House Preschool in Menlo Park.  For over 25 years we have been offering a loving, developmental preschool program to children 3 to 5 years old regardless of race, nationality, or creed.